Traveller LR Edition Seats

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Defender 1987-2015 fitment, left and right (set of 2)

The Traveller LR Edition lower seat has side bolsters that are smaller to allow easier ingress and egress for taller vehicles. You will feel planted without feeling pinched. 

The lower centre cushion hinges up, making it a secret access hatch to items such as the battery or storage locker on the Land Rover Defender.

4 way integrated lumbar support that you fine tune to the needs of your unique back. The support can be moved both up and down, as well as in and out.

The Right hand version of the seat only has the release handle on the Left, this is to accommodate vehicles with tight clearance in the B pillar area.

Built in seat heaters can be wired to a Land Rover dash switch for OEM functionality. 

XS trim with black leatherette bolsters and white stitching

Techno half with grey leatherette bolsters 

Mondus with black leatherette bolsters