Zunsport Land Rover Defender 2007-2015 Upper Grille Stainless Steel

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Zunsport compatible with LandRover Defender Upper Grille Stainless Steel (2007 onwards)

As the owner of a LandRover Defender Upper Grille any repair, whether it is damaged or the victim of every day wear and tear, isnÕt easy, but with the you can discover the benefits of a specially designed and handcrafted product.

Thanks to the grille sets manufactured here at Zunsport, you can protect the heat exchangers of your vehicle from the damage caused by road debris and leaves, and enjoy a high quality and unmistakably seamless finish.

Our craftsmanship and use of quality materials is important to us, and stainless steel woven wire mesh products are guaranteed for the life of your vehicle.

It must be noted that this grille is comprised of the stainless steel grille and the means of fixing it to your vehicle,It does not include any replacement body parts.