LazerLamp Single Lamp with Position Light Wiring Kit 12v

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The ideal solution for wiring a Lazer high performance LED spotlight, which also feature integrated Side/Position Light function. The setup is quick, easy, and reliable with 3-pin superseal connector and no configuration procedures. The kit features a 12V relay (in waterproof housing), 20A fuse, a battery terminal at one end, and 1.2m of flex on the lamp cable, and allows for the operation of Lazer product either in parallel with the standard lighting on the vehicle, and/or via an independent switch (for high beam function) which can be mounted inside your vehicle.

All Lazer lamps are sold with a pre-wired female connector attached to the male connector of the lamp harness, to facilitate wiring in to your vehicle system.

Compatible with:

Triple-R 750 (Gen2)

Triple-R 850 (Gen2)

Triple-R 1000 (Gen2)

Triple-R 1250 (Gen2)

Linear-12 Elite (with Position Light)

Linear-18 Elite (with Position Light)